Feed me, mum!

What a change today. Not much cloud, so the sun managed to reach us. It was bright enough to encourage me to go out and do a little gardening. I grow some of my own veg, but keep the garden clear of chemicals and grow organically. I have done for 30+ years. As soon as I came inside, all my garden birds were down for their afternoon tea. As I’d turned some soil they helped with the cleanup of grubs in the soil. It gives them some fresh food and keeps down my pests. But best of all, I get to watch them. Goldfinches, blackbirds, starlings, a robin, woodpigeons and blue tits were all down even before I’d finished washing my hands. Gloreous! I’m sure we’ve kept many birds alive this winter, especially when the earth was frozen and covered in snow. Occasionally, I get a good photo of them. The starling in todays photo was a youngster last spring, still begging from mum despite being as big as her and the food was right in front of it.

I keep asking myself, what more can I do to help wildlife? I only have a 30′ long garden. Several acres and I could do much more, but hey ho. My photos will hopefully inspire people to do more than I ever could alone.


A Day of Reflection

stream reflections

One of my poorly days today left me on the sofa with not much to do but think. I’ve worried about not being avante-garde enough (or at all) . I’ve worried that I’ll never ‘make it’ as a photographer. But I do believe in what I’m doing. I want to remind the world that it’s not all about economic consumption and waste. I want to remind them of where we came from and what is there to enjoy for free- which is of course the natural world we live in. There can’t be many who don’t know our world is under threat, so no need to bang on about it, really. Having said that, the more removed from our natural environment we are, the less important is seems. But without it where would we be? Apparently, a third of all British people surveryed did not know where oats or bacon comes from. Oats were maybe from trees and bacon from sheep. How SAD is that?  Perhaps somehow the artmakers of all kinds CAN make a difference- by reminding folk of what was here long before us, what we hope will still be here when we’ve gone and what they might find of beauty if they look.

If they SEE it maybe it will matter more. Who knows?

And What of Agents?

I wonder about agencies. Having spent the last couple of years building up my work with them, but having no sales I have to wonder. Are they redundant now? Has the market place changed so dramatically that they are no longer much use to photographers? They do some strange things. I had a ‘heads up’ from one them earlier in the week. Shows coming up in Europe where they exhibit, selling primarily to the card/poster/calendar market. The email said they had guidlines to send out for those interested parties who might want to get their work sold. They would dispense information on what they are looking for in receipt of requests from their artists. One deadline was extended until yesterday. I duly wrote requesting the guidlines, within an hour of receiving this email. The deadline was yesterday. I’ve still heard nothing. I’ve sent off new work to both of my agencies on Monday of this week. It’s now Friday. Nothing. Now, I’m aware they are busy. But do they actually want to sell new work, or are most of us there to provide padding for their favoured few top artists?

It’s the same in the publishing world. It would seem agencies are less and less important in the grand scheme of things. Time was, they sold your work for you, negotiated contracts, and the writer wrote. All change! Now you must be skilled enough to write (or photograph or both) AND find buyers AND negotiate fees and keep the books. Eat? Pah! No time for that! It’s a pity that agencies raise hopes, really. They LOVE your work when you submit to them at the start, woo you with a contract then promptly forget their promises about communication, fair treatment etc.

So I’m slowly getting the message that I will have to try and market my own work as well as spend lots of time finding and taking new shots, processing and refining them. Agressive marketing doesn’t come easy when you have an artistic brain. But have a go I will. It seems to be the only option left.

Invisible photographer speaking!

Beauty in nature, serenity on a cold, snowy day

River Reflections

I’m a photographer striving to produce the best images I can. I concentrate mainly on wildlife and nature, but have been known to take shots of steam engines, architecture, strange people and events. As I’m always behind the lens, there are many, many places I appear not to have been to. But I was there, I was!

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