Feed me, mum!

What a change today. Not much cloud, so the sun managed to reach us. It was bright enough to encourage me to go out and do a little gardening. I grow some of my own veg, but keep the garden clear of chemicals and grow organically. I have done for 30+ years. As soon as I came inside, all my garden birds were down for their afternoon tea. As I’d turned some soil they helped with the cleanup of grubs in the soil. It gives them some fresh food and keeps down my pests. But best of all, I get to watch them. Goldfinches, blackbirds, starlings, a robin, woodpigeons and blue tits were all down even before I’d finished washing my hands. Gloreous! I’m sure we’ve kept many birds alive this winter, especially when the earth was frozen and covered in snow. Occasionally, I get a good photo of them. The starling in todays photo was a youngster last spring, still begging from mum despite being as big as her and the food was right in front of it.

I keep asking myself, what more can I do to help wildlife? I only have a 30′ long garden. Several acres and I could do much more, but hey ho. My photos will hopefully inspire people to do more than I ever could alone.


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