Health, passions and photography



It’s been a strange week. In my bid to be able to do what I’m passionate about, I’m having to spend some time NOT doing it! I’ve mentioned breaks I’ve had to take due to illness. Now that I’m seeing a couple of specialists, they’ve had to take me off some treatments in order to get to the bottom of what’s wrong. So right now I feel stymied. I can’t concentrate or even focus a camera just now. It will all hopefully lead to improvements in a couple of months, but for now I’m doing other stuff. Decorating. Painting. It doesn’t take much concentration, I can do bits at a time and rest when I need to, and hopefully by the time I do get back to following my passion I’ll have a lovely fresh, clean organised bedroom. All the old clothes I don’t wear, and all my partners old stuff will be gone and we’ll be left with an easy to care for space. With my photographs on the wall.

While out shopping for paint etc I found a lovely triple-shot frame in a charity shop  that will be perfect for three of my favourite flower shots. Problem? Which three? I have hundreds! That’s as close as I can get to my photography for now. But who knows? I may feel better when I wake tomorrow and get the camera out instead of a paintbrush. watch this space.

I would be very bored with ‘resting’ if  my feathered friends didn’t visit me. When I moved here five years ago there were no birds in the garden. Now it’s mecca to them. I have golfinches, starlings, sparrows, blackbirds, blue tits’ great tits, wood pigeons….and more. They come so close to the house now it’s a wonder they don’t hit the glass patio doors. They look at us through the glass with a jaundiced eye if I forget to go and top up their feeding tray on time. Of course I have tried to photograph them, and have succeeded on occasion, so that’s today’s photo. Starlings. Wonderful birds. Gorgeous markings, entertaining habits and crafty ways.


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  1. kseverny
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 00:54:12

    A beautiful image


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