Patience is a virtue, especially if you like birds


It’s a good job I have a lot of patience. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve had a 20+ year wait for diagnosis of a serious condition. I’m a gardener, and I have a son with ADHD. All of these things needed a massive amount of patience to get through, which I’ve had ( I’m still here, and my son is 20 and still alive!!). So you’d think getting the photos I’d like of birds would be a doddle, right? Wrong. They don’t mind me sitting watching them, oh, no. They’re in and out of the garden as if they have it to themselves, even when I actually move around gardening. BUT if I go in and get the camera, sit quietly where I always sit, they disappear? Camera shy starlings? Sparrows with a sense of humour? Blushing blue tits? It baffles me. I can’t go far at the moment until my health improves, so you’d think these creatures I’ve kept alive all winter and oblige with food for their broods would do the decent thing and pose nicely!

I’ve resorted to hiding behind the curtain in my lounge and trying to get the odd shot from there, but the light is against me in that position, so all I have are plant photos. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it would be great if I could capture my feathered friends in action. Perhaps a trip to the local park would be better, as the birds there are very used to people. The tree are much bigger, too of course. But then there are always the flowers.

All this got me thinking on a more serious note, though. I’ve also waited patiently for a long time to see the Liberals get some say in parliament, and now, finally, they have their chance. Not that I’m a political animal, I’m not, and couldn’t hold down a discussion on policy of any kind (please don’t ask me to).  But I do know that we’ve needed ‘fresh blood’ for a very long time, and now we have some. And the opportunity is there for reform of the voting system. Hooray! Lets keep our fingers crossed that they actually do make some real, positive changes we can be proud of.

I’ve given you another flower today, as the birds won’t co-operate. It sat still, smiled nicely and will be planted in the garden as soon as the danger of frost has passed. I wonder, what tries other people’s patience?


Another day, another photo

Well, it’s a chilly May but plants are growing, birds are singing and my camera has been in action. I have a great bird population, due to feeding them for the last five years. They come in to feed even while I’m working a few feet away. But where are they when I sit down quietly with my camera and wait patiently to come? Sparrows, blue tits and starlings are having a laugh at my expense. The minute I went inside, they were in feeding, and laughing, I’m sure! But I did get some shots of late flowering daffodils, strawberries in flower and good old bugle, looking its best. Those shots still need downloading, but todays image is from last week when the clematis alpina was stunning, trailing through my twisted willow.

Normal service resumed, almost!

Well, it looks as if I may fianlly be able to get down to business. A result from all those tests means I can now sort out treatment and hopefully be more consistent than I have been for years. I’m updating my website with new photos, barraging the agenices with new shots and even trying my hand at writing stories. I’m left wondering, though, wether agencies have a place for the serious photographer any more. They seems to change their minds more often than their underwear about what they want, but fail to inform their stock of photographers. So time is wasted taking shots that will never see the light of day. Despite patience that has lasted three years with a fledgling agency, they still do not communicate adequately, take months putting new images up and leave you with a sense of dissatisfaction. So I’m going to spend time entering competitions and promoting my own stuff more. Better still, I’m taking solace from my garden. Growing more food, more flowers and feeding the birds should give me plenty of photo opportunities and plenty of satisfation. Plants respond well to being treated well, reward you with food and blooms and seem to love showing off for the camera!

Tulip Tarda

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