Books That Inspire and Inform Me

Books that Inpire and Inform me

Ok, So we had the art of seeing yesterday. I often find myself looking for inspiration, for something new. Of course, inspiration can be found everywhere (that’s my next post), but when the light has gone and I’m sat thinking in the evening and need a little direction, what do I do? Could what I do help you? I hope so. I read books, I flip through books full of pictures, and I find new ideas in old print. So in this post I’m listing a few of my favourite books I wouldn’t be without. They may surprise you as choices for a photographer, but why limit yourself to photography books which are, after all, mostly about  technique. It’s not the quality of camera or knowing how to use it that makes a good picture, it’s the content. What you point the thing at and how you frame it that counts. So what do you point your camera at? What do you put in and leave out of the frame? What is the picture for? Is it a news item, a family record, an artwork for your wall? Do you want bright colour, a moody look or something to make you smile?

70 mph Down the M1

Some of the photos here maybe wouldn’t stand up to too much professional scrutiny, but unless you’re selling the photo, that really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get creative and play with your camera. Until you try, you don’t know what you might be able to come up with. After all, since the digital camera became the norm, you can take and delete as many shots as you like without extra cost. So have fun with it!

Inside a Tipee

OK, the books.

The Creative Artist – Nita Leland (1993 – also later editions)

Cultivating Sacred Space (Gardening for the Soul) – Elizabeth Murray

Gothic Fantasies – The Paintings of Anne Sudworth

The Colour Eye – BBC books

And a couple of photography books –

Photographing Flowers – Sue Bishop (includes Inspiration, technique and equipment)

The Making of Landscape Photographs – Charlie Waite (not digital, but good for advice on framing and light)



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