Busman’s Holiday for Photographer-the birthday

Well, you may think I’ve been off galvanting again and getting nothing done, but I’ve spent the weekend with a friend for his 65th birthday. He is also a fellow photographer. As it was HIS birthday, I did the honours with the camera on the night. It was great party and a lovely cake I couldn’t have, but never mind. I took some of my favourite dark choloclate and some Brandy. I think the shots are in focus! There’s a bit of blur on the action shots with the cake, but I didn’t want to use flash.

Happy Birthday

Yum yum!

He'll never see 64 again- and we won't let him forget it!

Birthday boy and his lovely wife.

In house entertainment from birthday boy.

Whilste we were there, a summerhouse was built – a family gift for birthday boy. I’m sure no-one will mind if I show you shots of the construction. The most I did was hold things for a bit and provide the odd joke, plus taking the shots for posterity and the giver, of course.

Tamping down the fun way

Lack of Light - No Problem!

No, you're not seeing things! A Victorian lamp. Perfect for the job!

Birthday boy and I went out and did a bit of photography once we’d recovered from the party, but I’ll save those shots for another day when I’ve had a chance to go through them. Thanks for your patience with me and my eratic blogs.  I can’t be here all the time or the photos would get really boring!


Postcard from Preston

four weeks old and so cute!

Hi folks. I’ve been visiting family this last weekend-for Christmas! I fianlly got there and caught up with all the people I should have seen at or before Christmas but weather and bugs conspired to prevent. It was, I have to say, the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. We stayed with my sister who made us very welcome, and went to my nephews daughters fourth birthday party. That also gave me the chance to meet their new baby, only four weeks old. How cute! We also had a great time with my parents and spent a great Saturday night at my older son’s with his partner and my granddaughter. Fabulous! So I thought I’d share a few photos of the weekend. I’m sure they won’t mind.

the cake yum!

Kayleigh and her cake

aren't they cute when left to play with their new toys?

Pam, my sister, the proud grandma

I’m also sure my sister won’t mind if I tell you that she is a fabulous singer! That’s all I’ve had time this weekend to do and tell you about. whilst there, we were so busy that despite having my laptop there wasn’t time even to check email properly, so today is one mad dash to catch up. But it was time well spent and we felt it made up for our rotten, poorly Christmas. I got to see everyone open their presents, and they gave us ours. It was actually better than a normal Christmas, as everyone was more relaxed (I presume because the stress of the season is all over) and of course because all the bugs have left and everyone was well. I hope you all are, too.

Birthday photographs

Mum on her big day

It was my mum’s 80th birthday way back in January. A big, family meal of four generations was planned. We all marked our diaries and looked forward to the big day. Then something totally unexpected happened. Britain had snow! It was so bad the week of the meal, my dad wisely cancelled, fearful of us all travelling from around the country and their own trip to the restaurant in the beautiful Ribble valley. What a shame! But we waited for the thaw and finally got together in mid February for a lovely meal and family gathering. The oldest was 81 and youngest not yet two. As I’m a photographer, though not normally concentrating on people, I made sure I covered the event. Then for mother’s day I had printed 50 of the best shots and put them in a gorgeous, hand-made paper, leather bound album and popped it in the post hoping it would be a nice surprise.

It was me that got the surprise. My dad was thrilled. It was he who sparked my interest in photography, and was his main hobby for most of his life. These days his hands aren’t too good, nor his legs. But his comments were a wonderful lift. Among them were ‘very professional looking’ and ‘wonderful’. Mum loved it too. Now so do I. As they live 130 miles away and I’ve been in no fit state to travel since the celebrations I’m so pleased I’ve managed to make them happy with my work, inspired by my dad, who now reckons I’m a ‘chip off the old block’.

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