My Photos on Products

Just a quick post today to show off the products from Zazzle we ordered as gifts. I’m really pleased with them and can now vouch for the quality Zazzle produce. The mousemat is thick durable, and comfortable under the wrist. The mugs are great! I’m glad I decided to use some of my photos this way, as well as offering others as prints on my freshly updated website.

Here are photos of them, modelled by my partner Jon.


Shell Mug

Houseleek mugs

Pride Mousemat




Catching Up…Making the Photos Work

Well, after catching up with all of you yesterday after my week of yuk, I’m now trying to catch up on some work. I’ve got images coming out my ears (not a pretty sight), so I’ve been putting a few of them to work for me on Zazzle and keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve decided to do my own bit of campaigning on behalf of nature, so here’s one I did earlier, from Saturdays visit to Lilltle Ponton with my trusty Nikon D90.

green poster

This next shot is from a while ago, but I think deserves a poster for those who will enjoy it?

pride poster

But I’ve also been playing with special effects for some products. I’ve not used any of these pictures on here before (I think) so it’s time you saw the results of my playing around.


The above shot of a shell was taken in macro then, well I played with special Photoshop effects and I’m really pleased with this one. what do you think?


I’ve lots more ideas, so little time…see you soon.

Photoshop Tutorial Resources for Photographers

Watermead Country Park

Hi everyone. I hope you’re having a good weekend.  As  promised, I’ve been investigating some resources that could be useful if you wish to learn more about Photoshop and how to manipulate your images once downloaded. I’ve found some very interesting sites. Although it would take me weeks to work through all the information available on these sites, the tutorials I’ve read and watched seem very comprehensive and fairly straightforward to follow. So I’ll pass them onto you and you browse away to your heart’s content. The images I’ve posted today are from our walk yesterday at Watermead Country Park. For those of you who are interested, I’ve used a couple of waterfall shots from yesterdays post to create new products on Zazzle. I’m having fun building my shop there. Once I’ve finished photoshopping I enjoy seeing what products some of my shots would be suitable for then going and creating them. Now I just need more people to see them and like them. If you do pop into zazzle please let me know what you think.

Watermead Country Park

OK, here are the sites for your reference and a little about what each one has to offer. lots of video tutorials including creative masking without masking, green screen removal and clone painting. An interesting site with several sections. I’ve found the most useful stuff in ‘Tips and techniques’ and ‘Dr Brown Scripts’. Very easy to watch video tutorials on all sorts of stuff including extracting an object from its background, masking and applying adjustment layers. Find information on here about workflow, colour space, image editing, copyright registration, metadata and more. This is a very technical site but well laid out and with explanations that are easy to read an follow. loads of written tutorials, images are not very clear but info is good and directions easy to follow. CD/dvd tutorials available from author. Topics range from creating water drops on an image to using the pen tool. written tutorials on subjects like creating seamless background textures in minutes and making reflections in Photoshop. There are weekly freebies inc free textured papers. A designers website with useful stuff for photographers. You’ll also find information about marketing and CSS. This site is well worth a look, although only some of the information relates to Photoshop and photography.

That’s it for now. If I find any more I’ll mention them in a later post. Of course, for those of you with full versions of Photoshop there is also the Adobe site itself. Happy Photoshopping! If anyone wants to add a cool resource they’ve found, please leave a comment. We’d all be more than grateful.

Happy New Year! New Enterprise for 2011

Well, the bug that blighted Christmas has finally vacated my system. While it laid me low all the holiday, I did get a chance to think long and hard about where I go from selling images from my website. As this is my only income I’ve had to think of ways to increase business. Disenchanted with agencies I spent time surfing and talking over the holiday and it has sparked me into a new form of creativity. I’ve opened a shop at Zazzle. I’m busy ‘making’ new products that can be purchased from my own store with them. They do an amazing range of items from giftware to office bits and bobs, like mousemats and mugs, so I’ve started with them. the images in today’s post have been used on the products, and I’m going to be kept very busy building up the store with new designs.

It’s all rather exciting, and I feel invigorated by having found a new outlet for my work. I’ve lots of ideas for new pictures, but need to spend time with Photoshop to get some of the effects I’ll need for my designs. Some good may have come from the isolation we’ve had this holiday. I’m even considering entering some photographic competitions, something I’ve avoided so far as I’m not really a competitive person.

As this is my first post of 2011 I’ll wish you all a very happy prosperous new year. Good luck with your own visions and dreams.

What would you buy if you loved the design?

Is Deleting Work?

Ice, Ice Baby

It’s been a funny old day. I’ve spent quite some time deleting photos, filing others and going through my emails. I’ve taken an awful lot of pictures over the last few weeks and not stopped to sort them out, file them or delete the rubbish (oh, yes, there are plenty)!

I’m not afraid to take ten times more photos than I’m ever likely to use, thanks to the modern DSLR. When cameras had to be loaded with a film and developed, that was impossible cost-wise. Now it just makes sense. Why NOT take a shot if it just might work. Try it, get it into the computer and delete it if it’s no good, adjust in RAW if need be and in fact play to your heart’s content. But it does mean considerable amounts of time to go through them all and deleting, editing, processing one by one. The processing I love once I’m in the mood. But spending time pressing delete having decided which ones to keep always makes me feel as if I haven’t done any real work. I don’t know why. It’s all part of the job. I suppose it’s just one I find really boring. So here I am watching a Fred Dibnah tribute (Fred was a TV presenter whose real job was mending and felling industrial chimneys and was a real northern England  character) and writing my blog at 8pm feeling like I’ve made little progress. Having already managed to distract myself by buying two new rats (best pets in the world) I’m now trying to make up for lost time.

Braving the snow

My partner reckons I should count everything I have to do with my photography as work, and I suppose it is. But its photography that feels like play and admin that feels like work. I haven’t finished the deleting or sorting. That’ll be a job for another day then. Todays photos are some from that sorting process. Happy snapping!


Now tell me, is deleting work? Do you have a photography job you find boring?

Independent Camera Store Bites the Recession Dust

Goodbye Youngs, we'll miss you.

It’s a sad day, and a change from my usual photographically based blogs. But I have to say it. Sorry to see you go, Youngs Cameras! We are now a town with only one chain store camera shop. With Youngs has gone the valuable expertise of the extremely helpful staff, and a range of camera equipment and accessories I’ll now probably have to buy online. My partner found this out when he went to purchase a birthday present for me. There’ s a wish list he’s working from, most of which is stuff for my Nikon.

So today I went to get a photo or two, snapped between passing Christmas shoppers, just to say goodbye to the staff and wish them the very best of luck. I really hope Christmas isn’t too tough for them and their families. They were always very helpful, friendly and well-informed. We’ll miss them.

Great News! Sales go Live on Website.

Hoverfly on Thistle. Copyright

I’ve cracked it. I’m not the best tech-head in the world, but I’ve got my website set up to take sales by paypal. Not all of them are for sale just yet, but my large, square format images are, as they’re my visitors’ favourites. Flowers for your walls! Reminders of spring and summer all year round! And they’re NOT print outs from a desktop printer, either. I have a top quality pro-lab printing service, tried and tested printing on Fuji-lustre high quality paper.

These prints make great Christmas/birthday presents. (as family and friends will attest). There was a stumbling block for these square shots until recently, and that was obtaining frames. But now even Wilkinsons has frames available in square format. I bought some for my exhibtion and they’re just fine. A 20″ frame with a 16″ mount sets off my pictures perfectly. If you’re desperately looking for a special present, something NOT available in every high street shop, come and have a look at my website at

Wish me luck, folks. It’s been a long, hard slog to get things this far. As ever, your comments are always appreciated!

Purple Dahlia Copyright


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