Postcard from Preston

four weeks old and so cute!

Hi folks. I’ve been visiting family this last weekend-for Christmas! I fianlly got there and caught up with all the people I should have seen at or before Christmas but weather and bugs conspired to prevent. It was, I have to say, the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. We stayed with my sister who made us very welcome, and went to my nephews daughters fourth birthday party. That also gave me the chance to meet their new baby, only four weeks old. How cute! We also had a great time with my parents and spent a great Saturday night at my older son’s with his partner and my granddaughter. Fabulous! So I thought I’d share a few photos of the weekend. I’m sure they won’t mind.

the cake yum!

Kayleigh and her cake

aren't they cute when left to play with their new toys?

Pam, my sister, the proud grandma

I’m also sure my sister won’t mind if I tell you that she is a fabulous singer! That’s all I’ve had time this weekend to do and tell you about. whilst there, we were so busy that despite having my laptop there wasn’t time even to check email properly, so today is one mad dash to catch up. But it was time well spent and we felt it made up for our rotten, poorly Christmas. I got to see everyone open their presents, and they gave us ours. It was actually better than a normal Christmas, as everyone was more relaxed (I presume because the stress of the season is all over) and of course because all the bugs have left and everyone was well. I hope you all are, too.


Christmas Hamper and Sparkly Lights

I haven’t much to say today. It’s only a few days before Christmas and, like thousands of other people, I can’t travel to where I was planning to. My parents and older sons homes 130 miles away. Plus I don’t feel too well, but we did get a nice surprise through the post. da da! A Hamper from Fortnum and Mason, no less. So here it is.

I also played with an ornament my younger son bought me a couple of years ago. This is a shot of the ornament….

And these close-ups taken when the little lights inside are running their sequence for some sparkly Christmassy light to cheer me up. I hope they do the same for you.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! I’ll hopefully be feeling more inspired very soon. xxxxx

Preparations For More Choice on Website

I’m busy. Very. And not just with Christmas. I’m busy preparing to put out on sale some of my best work on my website. I’ve had a lot of enquiries about pictures I show but don’t yet sell, so once I’ve got my collection sorted, ensured they print well and uploaded them all into the right file (and anyone who runs a website will know what a long, tedious job this can be)  I’ll let you know and you can go have a look. I’m aiming to keep prices reasonable, considering the quality of printing I’ve gone for. I order from a professional lab using top quality products that, they assure me, will last fifty to seventy years. That’s a lifetime! I’ve been really pleased with all the work they have done for me so far, and they are definitely better than anyone could produce on a home printer, so I’m sticking with it. Quality matters when you’re looking at it daily on your wall or giving it as a gift.

It’s also my birthday on Thursday, but I can’t really get enthusiastic about getting any older!

So today I’m posting some of my Christmas pic experiments. One day I’ll get around to producing my own cards, but the time isn’t yet right.  One job at a time, or I’ll have too many projects on the go all at once. Let me know, please, if you like any of my experiments. I really appreciate anyone taking the time to comment. I know how precious time is!

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