Cornwall Floods

Eden Project, Cornwall

My thoughts are with the people in Cornwall today, especially those struggling with the aftermath of the flooding in and around St Austell. Around 3 feet of water flooded into the area after a river burst its banks, in exactly the area I spent such a happy time back in September. The local villages, so pretty, friendly and relaxed, are now in chaos, and will take months to recover. Homes have been ruined, lives totally disrupted.

Huge sculpture at Eden

The Eden project, designed as an educational facility about our planet has been badly hit, too. It’s such a shame to see the place where I sat enjoying live music and photographing such wonderful plants and exhibits covered in mud and debris, and I’m sure it will cost tons to put right.

Metal Man

Take a closer look at metal man. (click on the pic). Eden built this man out of scrap metal to illustrate how much scrap metal each of us will generate in our lives. It towers above you and is made of washing machines, old computers etc. Shocking, isn’t it? This sort of education is well worth doing. I wish Eden all the best in recovering from the floods. If I was close enough to help them I surely would.


Eden project astounding

Sculpture at Eden

Last month I did what I’ve been threatening to do for a long time. I took my camper and myself down to Cornwall to visit the Eden Project. What an amazing place!!! It’s vast, it’s colourful and loaded with information about our wonderful planet. I completley wore myself out in an effort to see everything but still didn’t. The great thing is, once you’ve bought a ticket and registered it, you can return within a year on the same ticket. I will be going back, despite the five hour journey to get there.

The Domes

Outside, I tried to get a photo of the complete complex of the domes, but despite my wide angle elns, couldn’t fit it all in.

The stairway to the top of the dome

Inside, on encountering the steps, I decided my head would NOT cope with the hights, but for those who climbed these scary steps, the veiw was, I’m told, fantastic.

And some of the exhibits were very interesting.

The Rites of Dionysus


This place is well worth a visit or two, and photographers beware. You’ll need a full battery, probably an extra card for your camera and plenty of time to take all the shots you want. I’ll post more on my Cornwall trip another day.

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