Lost A Year Gained New Photography Kit And A New Year Begins…..

Last year I had to abandon a lot. My garden, photography, crochet and sewing, and my holidays and visits to friends. Why? Well, a series of health issues – cataracts ruined my vision and a severe health problem threatened my life. Everything went on hold. But now I can see, thanks to the brilliant new lens in my eye, courtesy of the NHS, and my health has improved dramatically thanks to my GP and a heart specialist. We super-celebrated new year as I’m still here for it!

And I’ve just been looking at other’s achievements here on WordPress, from last year. I now feel inspired to make this year my best ever, and to get this blog going with photography like never before. Tonight I can sit and plan a little. I now have a radio-controlled remote for my Nikon D90, and love wildlife photography. I can’t go far yet, but I feed lots of birds, and have built a pond and garden for wildlife. You can read more about that at Earth and Hearth. But with my new kit   I can ‘stalk’ the wildlife from a distance, as long as they land where I hope to lure them. I can see to play with macro shots again now too.   I also have a gorilla tripod, so hope to be able to get shots I couldn’t get before.

And on top of that, I have new graduated filters which help balance light and dark, especially in bright skies. And you can use them to allow longer exposures. This is useful to make water appear smooth.

Anyway, here are the results of my first go with one of my new filters.


With a grey-grad Filter skies keep their colour without under-exposing the foreground.


This sky should have been blue, but had to over expose it to get the foreground right. It’s December on a campsite in Cornwall


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