Pride of Place. The Photograph, the Memory and the Art

I don’t ALWAYS take pictures of nature. Sometimes I try to capture human nature. Especially the exotic variety. So, at the end of 2010, here are some thoughts, some photos and some memories I don’t think I’ve shared until now. Back in August, I went along to Nottingham Pride where my friend Randy Wornhole always goes to promote his charity work for gay men. It’s a very colourful, friendly affair and I love it. It’s a place to find the exotic of our species. They display their colours, their feathers and their gentle nature for all to see and photograph. I thought they’d make you smile.

The real Police behind bars at Pride

Randy Wornhole, Comedian and Philanthropist


Despite all that was going on around me and all the wonderful characters, I ended up at the borders of the park attracted by the dahlia walk, which provided exotica of another kind, and resulted in a wonderful Christmas present. One of my photos on a large canvas on my lounge wall. I’m hoping to start putting these up for sale next year on my website. Here’s the photo I’m so proud of now being displayed, and it was taken at Pride!

Dahlia copyright

So, if that tells you anything, it has to be don’t just go out with a closed mind to photograph one thing. If I’d done that, I’d have some great shots of Pride and some great memories but would not have several great photos of flowers I love but don’t have room to grow myself. What art would be on my wall then?

Next year, I intend to keep my mind open to any and all new possibilities for pictures that are exciting, different, beautiful, interesting…the list goes on. I’ll be happy to put 2010 behind me – it’s been a tough year. I’m now clear of responsibilities that stole my time and can now spend that time on working towards my goals. I hope you can do the same. Do more of what you’re good at and makes you happy, fellow bloggers! That’s what will work for you. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

These are for the party…


More Exhibitionism

Arty lily

Well, an unexpected opportunity has arisen. I’ve spent the day rushing around to buy frames in which to mount some of my photographs. There’s a last-minute exhibtion starting in Leicester’s Fabrika and my photos will be delivered there in the morning. It’s all very exciting. A lot of hard work has gone into my collection and now it’s beginning to pay off. I’ve got a brilliant shot of an Eurasian Eagle Owl and three flower pictures. They will be for sale but it’s great just to get them out there and let others see them! This is one step closer to my website going live for sales. It’s slow going as there are still lots of other things I have to do as well as my photography, but slowly but surely I hope to get there.

Wish me luck, and please say hello if you’ve dropped by, here or at Fabrika I’d love to hear from you.


Remember spring?



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