How Not to Photograph Birds

Well, despite feeling rotten yesterday I forced myself to go out with the camera to our local woods. I decided to go down to the hide and photo the birds, who I reasoned, would be there in throngs due to the frozen ground, and I was right. I didn’t factor in the low light levels at that site, though, so shutter speeds were far too long for good sharp images, and because I was feeling rotten my reflexes were also far too slow. The results are obvious, if slightly amusing! I thought I’d share, so next time you fancy taking shots of birds, you find a good, bright site with lots of light and make sure you’re feeling bright, too.


Where's it gone?

Then there’s how to do it properly. These were taken in my own back garden while I sat in the lounge, patio doors open and a nice bright day so shutter speeds were much higher and I was much brighter, too.

Mum, feed me!

I'm just busy, OK?

Now all I have to do to photograph the other species that don’t visit my garden is find a better spot to bait wild birds with food, get myself comfy and freeze while waiting with lightening reactions when they arrive!


A place to go shopping, or not?


I can’t lay claim to this photo. During my illness my partner had spotted this street quite close to where we live, and took the photo on his mobile. But it is worth a look. Would you go shopping here? What would you buy? How long would you stay? We all need a laugh sometimes, especially when you’ve just watched the news!

Now I’m getting back on form the camera will be coming out to play. I wonder if we can find any more little gems. Meanwhile, the garden is now a very verdant place. The runner beans are running up the canes, the raspberries are rasping (well, swelling anyway) and the radishes are ravishing. If you can think what the turnips might be please let me know. With the help of little nematodes the slug damage is way down on last year, so I will at least get a decent crop out of my tiny plot. I’ve crammed in loads of flowers, too. I need them to photograph, and the bees need their food from them too. More on bees in the next blog. I’m currently doing a little research on them.

Did I mention I have sold a framed print in a recent art exhibition in Leicester? I only heard about it at the last moment, threw in three shots I had hung at home and came back with only two. Great stuff! It’s good to know people like my work enough to pay for it. So I’d better get busy.

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