Abstract perspectives in photography

It’s difficult to choose a subject with over 1,000 to process currently, so I’ll concentrate on one tiny aspect of what I’ve been up to. As I’ve been running around on my travels I’ve been inspired to do some abstract photographs. There are always lots, of course, but some things just strike you as worthwhile the time and effort to shoot. When looking at objects, move around them, or of they’re small, move them around. Look at them from different angles. try to obscure or leave out any distracting elements. Play with that camera! Play with colour and light. Experiment. It costs nothing to press delete of you don’t like the results, and you might get something special.

abstract spades

abstract fishing

fishnet abstract

old rope

Look for a good composition, balance, colour and interest. The technique you use should be creativity. Forget which lens, which filter or which camera even. Just LOOK until you find that composition. Then you can play with equipment.  Try different shots from different perspectives of your abstract until you find something you’re happy with. Think outside the box! Above all, have fun with that camera and find your own image of the world.


Spring’s Spectacular Displays

Tulip Tarda Macro

Hyacinth Macro

Primula Denticulata close-up

Fritillaria Milleagris

Bee Fly

Spring Finally arrived, bringing colour and life into my garden. Hooray! It’s hard NOT to be dazzled by the sheer exuberance of spring flowers. They shine out even on the gloomiest of days, announcing their wares to the insect world. While taking my photos of these glorious blooms something caught my eye. I thought at first it was a busy bee. I tried to capture its image on a hyacinth, but it didn’t stay put long enough and I chased it around the flowers until it landed where I feed the birds. Here it sat, grooming itself as I watched it through my Zoom macro lens. I found out later it’s a bee fly. They sip nectar as adults, but lay their eggs in solitary bees nests, where the grubs hatch out and feed on the bee grubs. Gruesome yet fascinating. Everything seems to have parasites, once you look closely enough.

Anyway, it hasn’t deterred my enthusiasm for spring. I wish I had the energy to jump up and down about it. Writing and taking photos and smiling like a Cheshire cat will have to do. Happy spring, folks everywhere. What’s blooming in your garden?

My Photos on Products

Just a quick post today to show off the products from Zazzle we ordered as gifts. I’m really pleased with them and can now vouch for the quality Zazzle produce. The mousemat is thick durable, and comfortable under the wrist. The mugs are great! I’m glad I decided to use some of my photos this way, as well as offering others as prints on my freshly updated website.

Here are photos of them, modelled by my partner Jon.


Shell Mug

Houseleek mugs

Pride Mousemat



Macro Versatility and Creativity plus Website Updated

How can I ignore the fantastic shapes and forms of flowers? They are beautiful, fascinating and better than anything humans could design!

Hellebore, seed pods forming

Hellebore, flower fertilised

Hellebore, freshly opened flower

Hellebore just opening

These last shots are as close as I can get with my equipment, and give you an idea about the creative us of macro. It doesn’t matter if the entire shot is not in focus. Throw some of the image out of focus and use it to create a softer, more artistic picture.

Hellebore macro creative 1

Hellebore macro creative 2

Who can resist such diversity on one plant? I think some of my friends believe I’m a bit strange as I wander around in my macro world. They miss it, busy getting to the next point (eg the car or the shop). What fantastic stuff they walk past and never see! It’s all there for free and beats a lot of entertainment you pay an arm and a leg for.

What can you see in your garden? Do you have a magnifying glass? Take it with you. Or get the camera out and have a closer look. There’s a miniature world waiting for you to discover it. Be careful, though. You might just find yourself buying extension tubes or macro lenses. Then you know you’re hooked.

PS I’ve cracked it! Sorted my website out, put lots of new images up, organised my prices and sizes and actually got PayPal to work so that my customers can get the image they want with minimum hassle to them. Whew! As a photographer and not a web designer, this was no mean feat, despite using a great web hosting service. I’m just not cut out to understand the logic of the silicon chip! It’s abstract and can’t be composed in a frame. You’re welcome to visit and let me know what you think!

Of course, there are some macro shots on there now, soon to be joined by more. I haven’t just been playing with raindrops. As you know, flowers attract my eye more than anything else usually.

My Parent’s Garden. Photos at last

Well, my sister has done me proud. I asked her to capture some shots of my parent’s garden having spent three days in the rain working on it for them, only to finish as it was going dark. Today was lovely up in northern England, as it was here, so she popped down and has emailed me some shots I’m sure she won’t mind sharing with you. She is a singer and singing teacher, but has talent with photography too! Thanks, Pam.


Parent's garden in February. Photo by Pamela James

Parents Garden in Feb. Photo by Pamela James

In addition, I’d like to thank everyone for being so supportive with all your lovely comments and congratulations this week. It was exciting to be on Freshly Pressed, as well as an honour, and I hope the  people I’ve been visited by continue to visit and communicate with me. Your views and perspectives are always welcome.



Future Plans and Dreams for Photography


allium flower

It’s been a quiet Christmas. I got a nasty cold and was grateful we didn’t have a house full. Ah, well, it’s only a day. I’m going to visit my parents this coming week so will be away for a couple of days, but I am taking my trusty laptop and camera.

I got a book that was on my wish list and an off-camera cable for my Nikon D90 for Christmas. So, I’ve spent time thinking about what I can do once the holiday season is over, my cold is long gone and what I’d like to achieve in the coming months.

Not that I’ve come to many conclusions yet, but I will be digging out a mini fish tank bought second hand and some coloured water with the flash set to the side, some objects to fling into the water and an experimental head screwed on. I’ll show you some of the results when they’re done. The Nikon book is superb. You see I’m mostly self taught in the camera department (my degree is in visual studies and art history). I’m not that technically savvy, but I’ve decided to get to grips with more of the features on my Nikon to get the most out of it and improve my creative input.


I’d also like a macro 1:1 lens. (Santa didn’t manage it, not surprisingly). Currently I have a zoom macro Tamron 70-300mm but it’s not strong enough for the macro I’d like to be able to do. I can’t get out to do landscape as I’d wish to, but my love of macro could be the saviour if I can work at home. All I need then is my large dining table and some lights and I can set up a mini studio (we’ve got trays to eat off  🙂 ).

Small goals, but a start.

There will be more travel, despite last years’ problems. My kit is all organised (I’m not that good at organising) but I can now throw into the camper one rucksack and one secure, sealed plastic box with all my kit, chargers and other little bits that tend to get left behind in one place and they won’t be forgotten next time I’m out with the camera! Now I just need to keep my head screwed on the right way round, make sure I have the sat nav and a map……the list goes on. We’ve also now got a dongle, so I’ll be able to put new stuff on my website and post on here wherever I am!

I’ve posted some of my favourite close-ups for today. The macro I’m after would do far more than this, but I’ve a feeling it will be a while coming.

I’m off, again, into the sunset (which looks MUCH warmer than it now is) and reminds me what it is like to have warm feet!beacon hill 067

Tamron tutorial video and a Merry Christmas!

Hi folks. Are you all ready for Christmas? I’ve found a video to watch for those of you into macro, so I thought I’d pass it on. It’s done by a Tamron user and I found some useful tips in it. Enjoy!

I hope everyone has a fantabulous Christmas and a startlingly brilliant New Year. It’s been great talking to you all and I hope we all are in contact again very soon. Chris xxx

I really like the contrast between the ivy and the snow-covered tree. Do you?

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