Sad Goodbye to Rats


It was a very sad day on Tuesday. I had to say goodbye to my lovely, tame, friendly, personality-filled rats Dusk and Tilldawn. We’ve both been suffering sinus and chest problems since a bug at Christmas, and after a break away realised it was rat dander causing my partner’s recently resumed asthma attacks and aggravating my sinus problems. No amount of hoovering, dusting and cleaning helped. So, we took them to a re-homing centre having failed to find a new home ourselves. They were great and will find a good, loving home for them. Still, I miss them running to the cage door every time I went close, and playing with them on the sofa. They loved human company and I enjoyed theirs. Now I just have tropical fish and the wild birds that come to feed in my garden. Sigh!



Before they went I had a last photo shoot with them, so here are some goodbye shots of them. I apologise for not posting as often recently. Things have been a wee bit hectic, and that coupled with poor health has made it hard to keep going never mind catch up. But I’m going to a 65th birthday party this weekend in Yorkshire, so should have some new photos for you and a tale or two on my return. The birthday boy is a photographer, too, so we’re going to spend some time swapping notes and going out for a shoot if the weather’s dry enough to get out.


Bye, my freinds


Poorly Rat

Well, this is not my usual kind of post. Tilldawn got an abscess! We had to take him to the vet this morning with a large lump behind his ear. I feared it was a tumour, which rats are prone to, but it’s an abscess. We hope it was caused by fighting with Dusk, as this would mean much less of a chance of it recurring.The vetenary nurse laughed when I said I was going to lecture them both about fighting! I wonder why???Anyway, he’s had the abscess lanced and drained (along with my bank account) and has to have antibiotics, making my trip to see my family in the north more difficult, as we will have to either find a rat-sitter or take him with us.


He came home hungry as no food or drink since 10pm last night, poor thing. So he’s had cuddles, treats and fresh water. No doubt he’s curled up in his new nest sleeping now. We just have to stop him scratching the wound as it heals.


I’ve been kept very busy with this new Zazzle store. Talk about creative ways to expand! I’ve got sheep mugs, digital flower art and allsorts on there already. It’s really fired me up with a mission. Until now, I’d been feeling really stuck as far as working was concerned. Now I can be as busy as the proverbial bee, but without the sting.

Baby Rats Photos. Progress report



Well, we’ve now had Dusk and Tilldawn a week. They had been kept by the pet shop for over a month and hadn’t been handled enough. So it’s taken a few days for them to come around. Dusk is a brave little soul and was soon standing by the door of their cage waiting to be picked up. Tilldawn was more nervous, though and hid in his nest every time he heard the cage being touched. He’d come for a treat but NO WAY was he going to be picked up. But patience has won out and last night he laid on my shoulder chattering if I dared stop stroking him. When I finally gave up because my arm was aching, he walked round to the back of my neck, laid down and fell asleep. I think he now understands he’s safe with me.



Dusk, as I’ve said, is a bold little thing. He’s also a bit strange! I have an old stainless steel butter dish I never use, so decided it would make a good food dish to put their nuggets in. Dusk thinks it’s a great place to sleep. So, if I can, I’ll get a photo of a rat in a butter dish! I personally would find stainless steel a bit cold, especially in winter, but he seems to like it.


My partner made me laugh. He’s been laughing at me because I talk to the rats and explain what I’m doing (you know, ‘come on, I’m not going to hurt you, you’re safe.’ That sort of thing). Then I heard him talking in the kitchen. What was he doing? He’d found a stray woodlouse climbing up the blind. It must have come in through the window. What did I hear him say? ‘I’m afraid you’re going to have to be evicted. I know it’s cold out there but it’s too dry in here. Go and huddle against the house wall.’ And he thinks I’m mental!!! I didn’t ask him what the woodlouse’s reply was.



Still working on my website. I was going to order up the prints I wanted to check for quality but given the postal delays and warnings from my pro-printer service, it might be wise to let this snow disappear and get Christmas out of the way before I put more work up for sale.


Here They Are. My new pet rats. Gorgeous!


It’s Sunday, I’m still way behind with all that there is to do, so here are the photos I promised of my new pets for those of you who asked to see them. Say hello to Dusk and ‘Tilldawn. I can’t do a full blog right now, so I’ll leave you to get acquainted.  They are quite shy yet, so no sudden noises please. 🙂 They are more scared of you that you could ever be of them!




I hope you like them as much as I love ’em. They’re really sweet – even though they’re not used to being handled very much they’ve allowed us to hold, stroke and play with them and are getting used to our voices. They posed well for their portraits, don’t you think?

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