Photographer Spreading the Word. Work is For Sale

It’s been a busy old week. Having spent three glorious sunny days last weekend catching up with the gardening, when the weather turned cool I came indoors and began  working on actually being found on the wonderful web. As we no longer have effective agencies to sell our work, us creatives have had to find creative solutions to the question ‘how do I get seen?’ Of course a WordPress blog and a website is a start, but experience has shown me it’s not enough to get you off the ‘starving artist’ income I’d like to avoid.

So I investigated Squidoo. The first day was a nightmare. This none techy person was alsmot driven to the point of baldness and rescued by advice from Zazzle people and my partner. The second day I mastered some of the technique need to build a Squidoo lens. Now I’ve got something to tell you about! I’ve made three lenses so far. (go on, cheer!).

Lenses are very specific. Apparently, the more focussed they are, the more successful they are. So I have one on Digital flower art, one on Photographic Flower Art and one all about hellebores, which I featured in a recent WordPress post. They are quite good fun to do, once you learn the system.

I’ve not stopped taking photos, needless to say! So todays offering is an arum lily. My partner brought them for me (yes, he’s a sweetie, though that might ruin his street cred). It’s not an easy flower to photograph, I’ve found. But I’m fairly satisfied with the result. What do you think?


Is Deleting Work?

Ice, Ice Baby

It’s been a funny old day. I’ve spent quite some time deleting photos, filing others and going through my emails. I’ve taken an awful lot of pictures over the last few weeks and not stopped to sort them out, file them or delete the rubbish (oh, yes, there are plenty)!

I’m not afraid to take ten times more photos than I’m ever likely to use, thanks to the modern DSLR. When cameras had to be loaded with a film and developed, that was impossible cost-wise. Now it just makes sense. Why NOT take a shot if it just might work. Try it, get it into the computer and delete it if it’s no good, adjust in RAW if need be and in fact play to your heart’s content. But it does mean considerable amounts of time to go through them all and deleting, editing, processing one by one. The processing I love once I’m in the mood. But spending time pressing delete having decided which ones to keep always makes me feel as if I haven’t done any real work. I don’t know why. It’s all part of the job. I suppose it’s just one I find really boring. So here I am watching a Fred Dibnah tribute (Fred was a TV presenter whose real job was mending and felling industrial chimneys and was a real northern England  character) and writing my blog at 8pm feeling like I’ve made little progress. Having already managed to distract myself by buying two new rats (best pets in the world) I’m now trying to make up for lost time.

Braving the snow

My partner reckons I should count everything I have to do with my photography as work, and I suppose it is. But its photography that feels like play and admin that feels like work. I haven’t finished the deleting or sorting. That’ll be a job for another day then. Todays photos are some from that sorting process. Happy snapping!


Now tell me, is deleting work? Do you have a photography job you find boring?

Fire Photos Fan my Flames

Burning Man

Whew! It’s hot in here. I’ve slaved over a hot computer for two days to sort out my website. I’ve finally got organised enough to put some of my work up for sale. Building a website, for a photographer who is not a geek, has been a labour of titanic proportions. I thought starting off with just one set of postcards, already in stock, would be a good way to start. I tried to think through the steps needed to get this up and running. Add the pictures and relevant text, set up Paypal, follow the instructions on my site to make payment possible. It seems simple when put like that, but crikey, what a job! I’d far rather be behind the camera. But nowadays, no-one else is going to sell your stuff for you. I tried agencies, but they really don’t do a good job for most artists, as competition is massive and they tend to concentrate on the photographers that are already selling. That seems a bit short-sighted to me, as they risk losing their best earners and won’t have replacements if they don’t back newcomers.

Still, now I’ve chosen to do it myself, I’m less worried about agencies and their foibles and more worried about my brain going into meltdown figuring out how to make my website work! The heat is now on. Smouldering fire images adorn my site along with a payment method. Hooray!!!

Now I’ve learned how to do it, I’m going through my site, picking out the best images and they too will soon be on sale. I know how well they look from past prints I’ve had in exhibitions and given as gifts. I’m happy with the top quality printing service I’ve found producing Fuji acid free, guaranteed prints, so that’s as close as I can get to ensuring my customers will also be happy with my work.

Now all I need to do is cool down, get on with it,  and somehow let the world know I’m here. Wish me luck!

You could help, actually. If you have time to look through my photos, you could let me know which are your favourites. Which might you buy? Just follow the link to my site, (link below) and leave me a message, either on here or via my site’s contact page. Thanks!


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